Vet colleagues can choose to refer in 2 different ways.

Full Referral The patient will be referred over for a full consultation with the specialist. The patient will then be worked up and brought towards a diagnosis and a treatment plan. Surgery will then be performed based on permission obtained from the owner.

A detailed report will be sent to the referring vet to update them on our findings, results of any imaging, the surgery and outcome / prognosis. Information for any ongoing care with the referring veterinarian will also be provided.

Please provide the following: 1. A referral letter briefly describing clinical findings 2. Relevant blood tests results 3. Relevant images

We are happy to speak to vets directly prior to the referral of cases.

CT Only Referral Download CT-only Referral Form.

Prior to the scan, please send the following information via fax (F: 6468 3501) or email: 1. Clinical history, including recent bloodwork ,of the patient. 2. State in writing the region you would like to image, 3. Any specific CT studies you would like done, eg. contrast CT urethrocystogram, myelogram, etc

LVS will provide the referring clinicians with the images on hard copy. Interpretation of the images will be made by the referring clinician. We recommend interpretation to be done either by Vet CT Specialists(UK) or VIA(Australia).

Ultrasound Only Referrals Please fill this form (US referral form.pdf) in should you wish to refer your patient for an abdominal ultrasound.