Consultation Rooms Our rooms are designed to make our patients and their owners feel at ease. You will find that our floors are high friction to make it easier for our lame dogs to move about and be more confident with their footing.

Ortho-Hybrid Theatre The Ortho-Hybrid Theatre is one of two operating theatres in our clinic. This is our super-sterile theatre where all our sterile bone and joint surgeries are carried out. Any case where an implant - whether it be a pacemaker or a hip prosthesis - is being placed will be done in here. Keeping the surgical environment sterile is one of the most important factors to lowering the risk of intra-operative and post-surgical infections.

Soft Tissue Theatre Surgeries involving abdominal contents and cavity, the oral cavity or involving the curettage or debridement of semi-contaminated or contaminated regions are carried out in this theatre.

Imaging Suite CT Scanner At LVS, we are proud to say that we house a 32-slice CT scanner specifically for animals. Having an in-house CT means your pets have immediate access to advanced imaging. The faster a problem can be diagnosed or ruled out, the faster we can advise you on what the best treatment option is for your pet. This invaluable imaging diagnostic tool (a very large one!) helps us look into our patients in a non-invasive manner.

With a CT, we can: 1. Diagnose spinal and other neurological problems 2. Virtually reconstruct any hollow organ like the intestines and airways to check for obstructions, tumours and structural integrity (virtual endoscopies, bronchoscopies, etc) 3. Detect tumour spread into the lungs even if the tumours are less than 6mm small - conventional X-ray machines can only just detect tumours over 6mm 4. Detect abnormal blood vessels such as liver shunts

Ultrasonography Full abdominal scans are performed by a dedicated veterinary sonographer. Scans are a non-invasive way of investigating chronic weightloss, vomiting and diarrhoea issues and any abdominal growths. Needle samples can also be obtained with ultrasound guidance.

Digital Radiography This imaging modality is excellent for planning and evaluating most orthopaedic problems.